MA - Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary is an Audubon sanctuary that abuts the Greater Worcester Land Trust and Sibley Farm Conservation Area, in Spencer, MA. The Midstate Trail runs through the GWLT and Sibley Farm and Burncoat, and can be used as part of a loop.

We walked about 2.9 miles, skirting the Pond and some marsh areas, as well as through a forest filled with more mountain laurel than we have ever seen in one place, and clethra (sweet pepper-bush), buttonbush, young chestnut trees, goldenrods, asters, bee balm, pickerelweed in the water, and golden hedge-hyssop and horehound by the water’s edge, etc.

Goldenrod and some (hard to see) bee balm

Chestnut tree

Mountain Laurel

Pickerelweed flower


Golden hedge-hyssop


Eileen by the "boulder" on the map.


Midstate Trail

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