NH – Our Trail Ratings

In some of our hikes we rate the trails across a few dimensions in order to give others a rough idea about what kind of hike to expect. The ratings are partly objective (see the items below) and partly subjective (i.e. our opinion).

The categories are:

Bang for the buck: This is a subjective relative rating of the awesomeness of the views (or other attractions) with respect to the amount of effort it takes to achieve them. We rate, high, medium, low.

Length of trip (total length):
1 = 2 miles or less
2 = 2 to 4 miles
3 = 5 to 8 miles
4 = 8 to 12 miles
5 = more than 12 miles

Strenuous. This is relative to the amount of elevation per miles.
1 = 400 feet per mile or less
2 = 400 to 600 feet per mile
3 = 600 to 800 feet per mile
4 = 800 to 1000 feet per mile
5 = over 1000 feet per mile

Trail composition:
1 = All good hiking paths, no difficult water crossings or rocky areas (may be some water or rocks though)
2 = Mostly good hiking paths, water crossings or rocky areas might pose some challenge
3 = Trail contains some difficult water crossings or rocky areas or ledges
4 = Difficult trail that should only be attempted by those with experience

Ease of following trails:
1 = Trails well blazed little chance of losing trail
2 = Decent blazes but there are side paths or rocky areas that require care to stay on trail
3 = Trail is easy to lose in some places or requires some bushwhacking